We only went for a walk and . . .!

March’s walk was a week early due to the closure of the main areas due to filming.

However, there was much to be seen as the advanced film crew had already arrived. Unfortunately, we didn’t spend much time gathering photographs for our art project. All thoughts of photographing from the anglers point and counting dogs were completely forgotten. We most certainly did raise our heart beats as we marched around the lake for the majority of the walk, trying to get a good view of the action.

The rumour that the famous actor Morgan Freeman was already on location did nothing to slow our feet, we scrutinised everyone behind the fences and tapped off areas. We saw someone who looked very much like him, but it could have been wishful thinking. If the well wrapped gentleman who looked somewhat cold surveying the lake was him, then that was the highlight of today’s walk.

The only time we really stopped, was to ask the gardener’s what they were doing at the top of the Totem Pole. It appears it is in need of some restoration. We watched for a while but then were off, at a pace, to watch the speed boats on the lake.

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