Reading for Pleasure

This month’s book has been recommended by one of our home schoolers in New Haw, UK. This learner has recommended this book as a very good read. “I have read The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and find this book is much more hopeful. The story is written simply but it draws you in and you are willing David to succeed. An incredible story of survival against all odds.”

I am David by Anne Holm

David escapes from the concentration camp where he has spent his entire life and flees across Europe. He is utterly alone – who can he trust? What will await him? And all the while, how can he be sure that they won’t catch up with him . . .

This is the remarkable story of David’s introduction to the world: sea, mountains and flowers, the colours of Italy, the taste of fruit, people laughing and smiling, all are new to David. David learns that his polite manner, his haunted eyes and his thin features are strange to other people. He must learn to fend for himself in this strange new world.

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