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Weekly Maths Problem

Don’t forget to write out the problem at the top of the page, date the work and show all your workings out (even the wrong answers) and then file the evidence in your folder!

A group of homeschoolers walk along the River Thames, when the second support car breaks down. They are 40 miles away from home. The working support car can only take half of the homeschoolers at anyone time. It sets off on its first trip home, travelling at an average of 40 miles per hour. The second group of homeschoolers continue to walk along the River Thames at a steady 4 miles per hour. How far will they have walked by the time the support car returns to pick them up?

You can share your answers here in the forum on the website or with me as I visit during the week. Remember you need to show your workings out to get the maximum points.


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