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We Are Back to Learning on Monday

Half term has wizzed passed, hopefully you have all relaxed and been busy out and about.

We are back to learning as normal on Monday!

However, the clocks will be going back tonight. Now I know that this will muck some of you up with your sleep patterns. The good news is our smart phones will automatically change the clock, so we won't have to.

The action to take is to set an alarm and make sure you are up and ready for your lesson!

There are a few things you need to know for this half term:

1) You have this week to get your book. If you are dyslexic it can be an audible book.

2) It is November, and we are focusing on Design and Technology. we will be starting with wood work, metal work, sewing and then the Gingerbread houses. Make sure you book in so you don't miss out and we don't get too many people all wanting to use the tools at the same time.

3) You can't mention how many days to go until the C word. You can only mention the C word word after the 6th of December.


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