The Flying Girl

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Charlotte. Charlotte was just a normal young girl like anyone else. She went to school every day and on the weekends, she mostly spent time with her huge family. Charlotte had lots of goals and dreams but her most wanted dream was for her to fly high with the clouds. At night when charlotte when to sleep she would dream of flying and saving people form monsters and bad people. She dreamed of being a hero!

Charlotte had her own dream journal where she wrote down all her dreams and that she had dreamt and she would draw pictures of the cities and people in her dreams and of the flying too. The journal that charlotte had has got a pad lock on it so no one could look or see inside it.

The reason she did that was because of her older brother Henry, because if he saw her dream journal he would make fun of her and he would show all of her and his friends.

It was Wednesday and charlotte had just finished school, when she got home she rushed straight up to her room to finish writing her dreams down from the night before. After about an hour of writing and drawing her mother called her for dinner. Charlotte loved her mother’s cooking she always cooked lovely meals, tonight they were having Carbonara pasta. Charlotte enjoyed her dinner and she had some chocolate ice cream after. Once she had let all that go down she went and go in the bath, she washed her hair and body and then she got her pyjamas on ready for bed. Every night before bed charlotte would read herself a book, that was where most of her dreams came from.

Once she had read her story she went to sleep. Once she had fallen asleep she started to dream but this dream felt so different it felt so real. The next day charlotte woke up and she as outside, she was floating in the air! She couldn’t believe her eyes she was actually flying! She realised she was in her back garden and her mother and father said “we have granted your biggest wish for you for one day we hope you like it.” Charlotte was so confused but then she started moving, before she started thinking what her mother and father said she flew away she flew over the whole city waving at everyone she saw. As she was flying along she saw her friend Zoe she held Zoe’s had and they both flew across the sky together when charlotte had brought Zoe back down to the floor she didn’t say anything. In fact, now one spoke to her they only waved to her. It was only her mother and father who spoke to her in the morning. As she was thinking she her the city clock it struck 6 o’clock. So, charlotte started to head back to her house, she passed a farm, a lake and a lot of houses and shops.

As she was flying over their back garden she started to hear some shouting and then everything turned black - it was like she had a black out. Then she woke up but this time she was in her room! It must have been a dream, a dream that felt so real. After that night, even years and years after that night, charlotte still believed that it actually really happened.

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