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The Colour Blue

We have the start of our colour blue collection. One of you has very cleverly got two very different blues, one of the dog lead and the blue of the sky all into one picture. Please feel free to use our collection and add your own. Please send your photos in if you have something interesting we don't already have.

So, what are we going to do with our blue photographs. You can do just one or all of the following activities.

Remember to ask permission before you print off the photographs. If you can not print them off don't worry - use them as reference and write the name of the item in to your work.

1. Art

Find as many examples of blue as you can out side and inside and make a collage. You can do this either by printing off the photographs and cutting them up and sticking them down on paper. Using Word to place them in a nice arrangement. Use power point to rotate them or use them as your screen saver for this week.

2. History and Geography

Make a project about Blue. Investigate where blue is used in art, where the pigment blue comes from, which artists have had what is know as a 'blue period', what does blue signify in a painting.

3. Design and Technology

Make a colour chart with your paints. Start with the pure blue at the top and and a little bit of white to it. Then make a swipe of paint at top of the paper, adding a little bit more white as you go down until the last swipe on the paper is almost white with a hint to blue. Then repeat the exercise with adding just a little bit of black. Then make a picture only using the blues your can mix in this way.

4. Maths

Make a Venn diagram putting all the blue things found outside in the first circle, all the blue things found inside your house in the second circle. Where the circles over lap will be the place for things that can be found both inside and out. Outside the circle will be for blue things that were not found by you outside on your blue walk, inside your house but you found on the internet.

5. Science

Investigate how blue is made in the light spectrum.

6. English

Make a number of Top Trump cards with the names of blue

Cerulean Blue

Cobalt Blue

Manganese Blue

Phthalo Blue

Prussian Blue

Royal Blue

Ultramarine Blue

Here is the start of our blue collection.


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