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First Week Back Homeschooling Has Gone Smoothly!

Our first week back of Homeschooling has gone smoothly and almost everyone is back to learning. There are a couple of you still overseas, one on a very exciting educational trip. Others are still out of WIFI connection but will be making your way back soon. Everyone, but 1 person, has completed their diagnostics by yesterday’s deadline.

The new intake of home-school learners have completed their first diagnostics. I apologies that you have to do that the first week in – I can’t defend it – it is a boring text of tests. However, they do give a good indication of what level you are working at.

Now they are done and out of the way, I am busily printing of the support materials and the last of them will be delivered this weekend. Once you get you support materials, please open them they have your work for weeks 1, 2 and 3 in them. They will also have information on the book you will need to buy before next Monday and the comprehension booklet you need to fill out as you read. There is also a weekly plan of tasks to do, read down the list and tick off the ones you have done and then set about doing the ones not done.

I have tried very hard to get everything sorted, over a very difficult summer holiday, but planning from Year 1 through every year group to Year 11 means I may have made some mistakes. If you spot one, - please let me know. I have already spotted the Y6 mistake with the comprehension.

Looking forward to start proper teaching on Monday. You will need a diary, your reading book, a calculator possible but a pen and pad definitely!

Have a lovely weekend!


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