New to Proper Homeschooling?

We’ve put together our top 3 tips to make sure you get the most out of proper homeschooling!

One: Get Comfy

Find a space you won’t be interrupted, make sure you have a chair with proper support for your back and enough light so you don’t strain your eyes.

two: Make Time to Do The Learning

Set aside time every day Monday through to Friday to work on your learning - don’t worry, Chip away in small portions over the course of the week will get the time eaten up.

Three: Make Sure Your Motivated

Make sure you’re motivated! We have the Garden Club, the Cookery Club with new recipes each week and the health and Wellbeing Club where you can challenge yourself to do some free and long distance activities to join if you want active things outdoor to do with your learning time. Reading for pleasure counts, so if you are in to comics that ok!

Not sure what to pick? No problem!

Find your self a Study Buddy

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