Good time keeping is important but . . .

. . . well what can I say is, yesterday was interesting!

As you will all be aware, I allow 30 minutes between appointments. Over the last few months it has been some what problematic with a huge number of pop up road works - here, there and everywhere. The 1.6 miles of partial closure of the A320 is not helpful in anyway. The emergency gas repairs there are going to take time, especial as every time I go thorough - I haven't seen anyone working on the repairs.

Yesterday, there were 11 fallen trees and 3 roads closed due to flooding navigate around. The first appointment was canceled due to the fact that 85% of the journey is along country lanes lined with trees.

We felt for the man with the stop/go sign in the middle of a busy crossroads attempting to control the traffic, at rush hour, whilst his colleague was trying to get the temporary lights working. But my thoughts are really for all the pedestrians, who got soaked yesterday. If not by the rain, but the thoughtless vehicles who drove through the puddles on the road and soaked them with heavy sprays of water.

Thank you to everyone who thought a head and give me a heads up on the delays and let me know they were going to be late.

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