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Gingerbread Houses 2019

This years gingerbread Houses Event will be on Friday and Saturday. Most of you now have your ingredients lists and time slots to come and bake and make your fabulous houses.

As normal we will do it at my house, so only one kitchen gets covered with sticky icing and only one person has to clean up the endless silver balls and tiny decorations that some how escape in to the furthest reachers of the kitchen.

For those of you who are new to this experience, the first group to arrive will decorate their own houses (that they will take home) and they will bake the next group's houses for them. This system works well, it has been tried and tested over the years we have been doing this.

This year, we will be doing some thing a little differently as one of the entries in to our completion will be made from a recipe, kindly shared with us by Lieneke Eleveld from Diabetes UK, it is a gingerbread recipe for diabetes. Is it possible to have a low GI gingerbread House? We will be putting it to the test. We will be looking at its properties for the house construction and we will be having an opinion of taste and texture.

We are trying this recipe because we want to support one of our learners with Diabetes but also because of our studies in Health Education we are all fully aware of the amount of sugar in the gingerbread houses. A little bit of our gingerbread houses is fine, but too much is not so good. While we do make these houses to be shared - we can improve on the GI levels for healthy eating. Developing the recipe is all part and parcel of the Design and Technology ethos. So if you take part in this bit of the day, make sure you write it up in your diary and we can use this as cross curriculum with DT and Health.

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