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Friday's Reflections

We have come to the end of the first 8 weeks of the new learning year. They have been some very busy weeks too! We started off with every one having face to face lessons and ended with half of you back on virtual lessons because of your time keeping abilities. Most of you (not all of you) have recovered the lost time and have caught back up with the schedule.

Now, if you just didn’t get your act together in those first few weeks at the beginning of term and there are still a few units not done – then the half term is the time to put in some time and get them done! However, if you were sick during the half term and some of you were – then you can be kind to yourselves and have more of the half term off.

Some things are going to change for the next half term. I have been giving you support sheets for every unit setting out the days and units you need to work on. However, what became clear over the last 8 weeks is that you were not reading them and you were contacting me instead. So, I won’t be writing anymore and we will continue with you directly asking, as many of you this year appear to be aural and kinaesthetic learners not visual learners. But that doesn’t mean the other work sheets will not appear in you pack - you still have to have a rounded education and you still have to do them.

We started this half term with running as part of our health program. We need to complete our last week of the 5K or 10K programs over the half term break. When we return to learning in November, we will be swimming - swimming indoors! Now the weather has got cold and wet, you need to be in the much warmer pool water at the sports centre; if you are learning to swim, new to swimming or haven’t been swimming since last year. If you have not already signed up for swimming lessons now is the time to do so. We will be working to our joint goal of swimming the distance equivalent to the English Channel – 21k.

I have included a few pictures from this morning’s wild swim, taken at about 6.40am. We are all seasoned swimmers and we follow strict safety protocols. You cannot join us now, as it is too late in the year and way too cold to start this activity! I would absolutely counsel you not to try this independently.


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