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Friday Reflections

This week has been busy and most of you ‘homeschoolers’ have got your head around the technology and the best place to sit to a good signal. Those of you who are ‘in schoolers’ are getting accustomed to seeing me every day. One or two of you have struggled to adapt to the new timetable. This is not a holiday, staying up very late watching movies, not eating properly and missing your lesson as a result is not good. My expectations are that you will catch up the missed work by yourself.

Over the course of this week, on the English front we have covered sentence structure, spelling of nouns showing singular and plural and we have even managed to get a little apostrophe work in. One of you has started writing a cute play about toys coming to life and another one of you is unpicking Romeo and Juliette scene by scene. And one mummy has now learnt what prepositions are and how they link to concrete and abstract nouns.

On the maths front, we all now know about mean (how mean those mathematicians are making us work), mode (most), median (the data found in the middle) and range (the amount between the lowest and highest data). The Year 10’s, have taken this a little bit further with quartiles and by looking at representative, random and biased samples and those working at Year 11 level added in quantitative and qualitative data.

Lots of you are reading well done! The next book for the KS2 readers will be The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd recommended by one of our Horsell readers. The next reading group up are reading The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. We will continue to read Romeo and Juliette for those doing this now. I am reading for pleasure Mr Standfast by John Buchan about a solider required to work undercover disguised as a pacifist, roaming the country incognito to investigate a German spy and his agents.

Although I cannot mark them, at the moment, you still need to do Mischievous Moral Mayhem, Word of the Week, Maths Problem of the Week and the Spellings in to Sentences. All of which you will find on the blog ready for you.

Some of you but all of you are sending in your blue photographs from this week’s walk. The rest of you who haven’t done so will need to.

To end this week’s reflections, we are now going to spend a couple of minutes to write in your diary, 3 things that went will this week and what you are happy about.

See you Monday, ready willing and able to take part in the lesson.


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