An amazing opportunity has come our homeschooling community way!

Thanks to my network links I have heard about a scheme run by University of Surrey that we can tap in to. If you are over the age of 8 all the way up to the end of college - the University of Surrey is giving away a bundle of great books. We all know how expensive books particularly if your homeschooling - so free books are a blessing.

The University of Surrey offer does have an eligibility criteria and this is I am happy to say most of us home schoolers and even many of us in-schoolers will meet this and therefore we will be able to apply for this lovely gift of books. The criteria will appear on the first page of the website.

There will be a random selection of age appropriate books in each bundle, so if one doesn’t suit your tastes - you can swap them with your Study Buddies and we can keep some in our Orchard Training lending library book stock.

What have you got to lose – nothing! What have you got to gain – free new books!

To sign up to the scheme you will need to visit:



call 07814785536

If need support to register - you can give me a call and I will help.

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