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We only went for a walk and . . .!

We only went for a walk and . . .!

This month we will be going around the Virginia Water Lake twice, walking 9 miles. We are working out times and distances. It was suggested as it was 9 miles we should cut it in to threes, after the first three miles stop for some Gorp. After six miles, we could have sandwiches and we would finish the 9 miles with a celebratory hot chocolate. Finally, we would always make use of the toilets as we passed them.

As we walked we thought about the photographs we would take this week. On the last walk, the focus was very successfully on light and shadows. This time we looked for complimentary and contrasting colours.

Complimentary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Complementary colours are in contrast if they are put side by side, but you don't need colours to be complementary to achieve contrast. For example, you can have yellow contrasting with blue, and green contrasting with orange.

That is easier to do in the artificial art room with paint, we are looking at nature so our contrasting colours are going to be more natural. We found some really great examples and some interesting photographs.

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