We only went for a walk and . . .!

Or this month should that be “They only went for a walk . . .” Whilst I was languishing at home with my head cold, this group checked out the weather forecast and took themselves off on the best day of this week. I guess with brothers and sisters home from school this week, it did make sense.

I am so proud of them going off by themselves, I understand no parents went along with them, they were left at the café drinking coffee and chatting. I remember back in January I had to promise to place myself between every dog and somebody in order for them to come – now you are not bothered so much! Great planning - going early meant the dog walkers were not around so less dogs. You stuck to the route you knew and made it back in good time. So, in November, we will be circumnavigating the lake twice in preparation for Walking the River Thames.

I am loving your photographs. So, whose been listening to the information on light and dark? The sunlight and shadows have been captured fantastically! Brilliant capturing of the Red Kite turning, so you have the sunlight on one wing and the other shadow.

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