We only went for a walk and . . .!

This is how to do home-schooling: lessons starting at 7.30am this morning so we could walk in the cooler temperature and be in the pool by lunch time. Not only that, everyone had read the instructions for July’s Photography and Editing and the ‘Landscapes’ section in particular and wanted to catch the morning light for their photographs.

The thing that struck us most and it was very noticeable because we have visited Virginia Water every month, was the water level of the lake. You will be able to see from the photographs how it has shrunk from the banks but to see the waterfall not working was a shock for some of us.

We nearly had the place to our self apart from a small handful of early runners and dog walkers so it was easy to snap away without getting random people in the shots. I am beginning to worry about what sort of monsters I have unleashed. The competition will be fierce between these guys. You will be impressed with the quality of shots in the Gallery when you come to vote on Sunday 29th July.

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