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Geography Week 3

In our first two weeks, we have looked at our own home town and a nearby town along a river. We are now going to look at the major town of your area. In the UK that will be your county town, in the USA that will be your state capital.

The definition of these types of the towns are that they are the administrative capital of the area (county/state).

I want you to think about why that town and why not another town and in order to do that you will need to investigate the history of the county town or state capital. Was it the first town in the area? Was it the biggest town? Or is there something special about the position of the town, the transport routes, the education facilities, the religious groups there, the population size. For some it will be because it had a fort or castle there and as it could be protected - it simply grew in size. However, for many the story why is often more complicated. For example, in Surrey, Guildford always wanted to be the hub of the county but it is not the centre of the county's administration. Often there is an interesting story as to why one town becomes the lead town and not another, if that is true of your area find that story!

To present this as evidence of work done, you can write this in paragraphs or as a mind map.

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