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Fishing Day

Yesterday, we enjoyed our fishing trip at Twynersh Fisheries. The boys had started planning this since January. It was the reward at the end of their British Waterways Project, where we looked at the formation of rivers, the history of canals, looking at the local flood plains of the River Thames and the effect flooding had on local families. In citizenship, we looked at how the Environmental Agency used the rod licence fee. Although not everyone had finished reading the set book for the project, a lot of reading on fishing and rivers had taken place without being asked.

I sort of knew it would be a good day from the start, because when I approached Twynersh Fisheries to allow us to come for our school trip - they welcomed us with open arms. Their staff could not have been more accommodating and helpful. Giving me, a complete fishing novice, a lot advice and confidence.

On the day, the weather was warm with a good breeze. We set up on Pit 1 with a good view of the carpark and facilities, so we could welcome the late comers. There were not many regulars around Pit 1, so we almost had the area to ourselves. The boys set up and settled down to fishing with some obvious practiced skill.

Our first catch of the day, did cause a bit of a stir, it was a seagull who attacked the bait as the rod was being cast. It was a bit of a team effort to land the bird, net the bird, then with me holding the bird still removing the hook. Once done, the bird flew off showing no further signs of distress.

As more boys arrived, it was really lovely to see every one welcome each other, offering help setting up, sharing bait and swims along the bank. They settled down quickly to fishing and then fell into conversation; what rods did they bring, what bait they plan to use, which hook, "where did you buy your bait?" etc. I was given a brilliant lesson on how to cast my loaned rod, my hook was added for me and then I was shown how to bait it up.

One of the most note worthy events of the day was the fish. We saw plenty of them, mostly on the other side of the pit to us. When the boys walked around with their rods to the other side - the fish appeared near me. Fish were caught (see the photographs), I did catch the biggest thing but apparently, the bed of the pond does not count. The youngest member of our party had the most bites and landed the last fish of the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, mainly because the company was so fantastic and I am sure the boys did too. This will now be an annual event as long as the boys want to go – please note any girls who would like to join us fishing - are more than welcome.

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