Mindful May

Whilst out cycling along the riverside yesterday, I was abused by a young man who thought it appropriate to use very rude and crude words towards me. In a few seconds and a few offensive sentences, he elected to sum me up and then tell me what he thought was wrong. Well - yes, I am a woman; yes, I am over 50; yes, I was on a bike; yes, I am unfit and yes, I was wearing a Hi-vis jacket. In essence what he said was right. However, he preferred to tell me all this whilst passing me from the passage seat of a car, the driver slowing down so he could be heard. When once finished - they speed off leaving me with no right of redress.

It was an unpleasant experience simply because it was so uncalled for. I was mindfully cycling long on a warm spring evening and they pulled alongside me. His remarks stung a little not because there was some truth to them I am an overweight old lady cycling, but because of the swear words that went with them. Nobody wants to be addressed in such an odious away. Once he was out of sight I thought upon this, I could not control what he said nor how he chose to say it- what I can control is how I am going to respond to this. I going to choose to be positive. I am not going to let this incident hurt me.

The question I am going to now ask is: what does that incident say about those young men?

Write 200 to 500 words about your impression of these young men. You can either post them on Facebook or file them in your evidence folder.

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