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Another Snow Day!

The wind has not stopped blowing this morning. It is bitterly cold at -3. I believe that is -7 in the wind.

I have been asked what do teachers do on a snow day? I do want to make a snow man but I cannot find anyone to make one with me and it is too cold outside at the moment. I have been busy making some resources and I have been out for a quick walk, in order to set this silly quiz, for you!

Snow Quiz: here are a number of photographs, can you guess who was also walking on my hill today? As these are photographs of prints in the snow and very white. I will give some clues: there was a car,

a cat, a dog, a fox, two different sledges one with a flat bottom and one with narrow rails, a newspaper boy on a bike, a mum with a pram, a mouse and myself. Good luck!

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