Word of the Week

courteous (adjective)

Meaning – being polite, respectful or considerate in manner.

Example of using it in a sentence:I have found all of the learners who learn with Orchard Training to be courteous.

Spelling Tip – The Latin root word relates to the group of advisers and assistants of an important person – ‘the retinue’. This would mean everyone who travelled with that important person security guards, cooks, maids, butlers etc.

By the Middle Ages both the French and English had the same idea and the word meant you had the manners and behaviors fit for a royal court. You didn’t necessarily work for the Crown but you did need to have the breeding, social status and education to be in their royal presence.

By the 16th century the ending was added and the word became what we know today.

court + e + ous

Use the word as many times throughout the week as you can. This can be verbally, in your written work or listen out for other people using it.

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