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Word of the Week

aerial (adjective)

Meaning something existing in, or happening in or operating in the air.

Example of using it in a sentence "In the Orchard Training Garden Club we watch the dragonflies in an aerial dance over the pond. "

It can also be used as a noun – naming the rods, the wires or other structures used to transmit or received signals.

Example of using it in a sentence “My teacher has an old fashions radio with an aerial that sticks out the top!

The root word comes from the Greek meaning air, the Latin speakers used it and it appears to stayed the same for a very long time, until the 16th century where here in England we added another meaning. The word also meant something that was a thin as air was imaginary.

The tricky bit of this words is the ‘ae’ at the beginning – so we have to learn that and see that every time we spell the word. Use a blue coloured pen for that bit.

Spelling tip: we are going to learn this word like this.

ae + r + i + al


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