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The Strangest Beach Ever

Today was a very crowded day at the strangest beach ever,

Me and my buddy were checking in the air when a man came running over with a big hole in his chest. He said ‘help, help me, there is a sword shish sunbathing hurting anybody casting a shadow on him.

I was watching the south side of West Bay where the sun bathers and the duck people gather. It is a weird collection of old wrinkles and seagulls playing tennis. It was a very hot day; the beach was crowded. Crabs ere sneaking around nipping everyone’s feet. Two pranksters were tying shows laces together, teasing the victims so they would chase after them and they would then laugh at them when they fell over. It was so hot, some seagulls flew to close to the sun and become roasted.

I am a talking kite with my friend Knobby. We patrol the beach protecting all the wired sunbathers. We try to shoo the seagulls on to the grass areas to play their tennis but they insist playing on the sand.

The sword fish is named Spike. He was a regular visitor and every year he tries to get rid of the other visitors, so he can have the beach to himself. He has a small paddling pool next to him filled with seawater so he does not dry out.

We tried everything we could think off to get him to move off the beach, we have tried to tempt him in to the sea with the roasted seagulls that had fallen form the sky. We have dropped, from the air, beach hats to cover his eyes but we always seen to miss. We have tired throwing cans at him as missiles, but that just made the beach dirty. We have also tired getting sand in his eyes so we could sneak up upon him but that didn’t work either.

This year he has taken to trying stabbing the other visitors to drive the other beach users and the duck people away.

It appears that he had made it past the beach security guards and made it up on to the beach again. It was mine and Knobbles job to track him down. The day felt like a special day, we could get rid of home for good - now he had actually hurt somebody. Luckily, it was a warm day and we could get up high. I swooped up to my advantage point. Finally, I spotted Tracy, an elderly duck lady who was walking across the beach with her binky bottoms around her ankles. Just beside her lay the sword fish. The beach was so crowded I realised I couldn’t guide the police through all the people. Although I knew every weird character I flew down close to the area to lead the police in the general area.

Then I had an idea. I asked the seagulls to help me. The started to lob their tennis balls closer and closer to the sword fish, one hitting him in the stomach, he was sick. Finally, they got one on to the end of his sword. Then the strong guy lifted him up and swings him around and around and finally losses him back in to the seas. The crowd all cheer the strong man. In the end, the sword fish found a quieter beach and we get a new sign – kites never give up.


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