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Orchard Training Cookery Club - Y10 has a go!

This week, Y10 asked if they could have a go at the technical challenge from The Great British Bake Off and they wanted to make the technical challenge - Paul Hollywoods' Chocolate Fudge Cake, the one seen in the opening titles. This was a tall order as they hadn't baked a cake before! Cupcakes, yes - big cake no!

The cake they chose is a whopping big cake, it makes 16 generous slices - That is a lot of cake. We decided that we would come together and practice on one and then they could go away and make one at home in their own time if they wanted to.

So, we started with the basics. Measuring everything we needed, measuring the tins to make sure we had the right one and lining the tins well to make sure the cake did not stick.

Then it was a case of reading the instructions carefully.

We hit a snag when waiting for the cake to cool and the ganache to cool and thicken so we did our maths homework while we waited. The cake, because of its size took some time to cool. Luckily, unlike on GBBO where they have a time limit to complete the task we did not have to rush and as a result everyones maths units for this week has now been done to 100 percent for this group. Result!

Here is the result of their efforts and there is no cake left! Now they have decided that they will attempt the technical challenge each week.


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