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Homeschool Garden Club - What is feeding our Bees this week?

This is week 38 of our academic year, and here is what we found in our Orchard Training Homeschool Garden that is in flower and feeding the bees and pollinators.

We are using this pictorial evidence to be inclusive, not everyone taking part in the survey can write, very well at the moment, and some have not learnt all about graphs nor the name of the plants, as yet. Once we know what we have, we are going to gather the information together in to charts and graphs and see where we have gaps in the garden over the course of the year. We will be using both our mathematical knowledge and IT skills to make the records present the data. I am looking forward to finding out the results.

I have sent one of older homeschool gardeners - around the garden, to capture the flowers that the bees and pollinators are visiting, this week. They have chosen to take the photographs this week showing how the flowers are growing together. Can you identify the plants from you work in the garden and homework packs?

This week's photographer stood very still to capture some bees whilst they were visiting can you spot them?


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