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Homeschool Garden Club - Seed Swop 23rd January 2021

Our Seed Swop is officially taking place, this weekend on Saturday. Current Covid-19 Rules applying of course. Last year was our first year and as we were just setting up the Garden Club, no one had any seeds to swop but we managed just fine. We managed to hold a brilliant sunflower compitation. This year, we are organising our very own seed swop and we will be better than last year! January is the best time of year to arrange a seed exchange, just when we are all thinking about what to grow plants for the year ahead.

If you are taking part in the seed swop, don’t forget to look out for the vegetables you want for your part in the Great Christmas Dinner Grow Challenge. That is right this year, we lovely growers in the Orchard Training Homeschool Garden Club are going to attempt to grow the vegetables for next Christmas Dinner. The Orchard Training Cookery Club are on the look out for some amazing recipes that we can use to possible preserve the crops that harvest early, and ideas for make a head vegetable dishes that can be frozen to take out the hassle fo oven space on the day. So, if you have any ideas please share.

Just before the end of term, last year, we took a tally of which vegetables were everybody's favourite and made a list and bar charts in maths. So you need to look at that list to see if you need to swop any seeds to what you don't have.

It is ok, if you don't celebrate Christmas in your family you can grow for Thanks Giving, Diwali or Hannukkah or any big family celebration your family holds towards the very end of the year. Just simple ignore the word Christmas in the title - we really won't mind. If you can come up with a better title for this challenge - please share and we will rename it immediately.

If you are new to growing, or very short on space, then there is always the Sunflower Competition to start you off. Over the course 2020 I have been able to collect some sunflowers seeds to share and so have a couple of other people. Hopefully, it’s not too late to order some if we need to. see the Sunflower announcement coming out soon.

For those of you overseas and who can't take part in our local seed swop, here is what do to in your local area. Please check for your town or area's restrictions under the Covid-19 rules. If you can't meet up then do as we are: talk on the phone, portion out the seeds for your Study Buddies and if needs be start them off for them. You can give them either the seedlings, plug plants or potted on plants when you are next allowed to physical mix. If everyone does the same and shows the same level of kindness then it will be fine. After all this is what we do in homeschooling - we share and think of other!

I am looking for some lovely onions - ideal for pickling to give as part of a Christmas gift. Any want to swop?


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