Homeschool Garden Club - last little jobs

We have been busy with keeping yards and paths free from everyone for doing you bit for the elderly and those who are not firm of foot within your families. I

I have been able to use the lovely warm days of the beginning of November get out in to the garden and sort out my leaves up. We had the wind come though end of October and the beginning of November. A weekend of hurricane weather, which took off all the leaves in one go. The last bits of which I put in to my compost bins adding another layer and this will help balance out the layers of nitrogen rich kitchen scraps and grass clippings already in there.

I have been able to plant up some small blueberries bushes and underplant with some pansies.

Whilst I have been weeding and clearing the vegetable beds I have been able to pick up the sycamore seeds from the tree next door. At the moment, this is really easy to do as they are sitting on the surface. Hopefully, the wind has blown the majority of the seeds further than my garden and I will not be spending every weeding session, next year, pulling out sycamore tree seedlings who have established themselves.

Finally, I have been able to get my broad beans in. How have you been getting on? let me know during our virtual sessions.

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