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Garden Club - Wind and Weeds

Well, we have had an interesting time in the garden this week it has been either too warm to dig or too windy to dig. I had set apart one of the areas in the garden to weed this week because the weeds had reached between knee to waist height. In order to do this, I have been up early whilst it was still cool. As I started, I found lots of tree saplings and a huge horde of walnut shells planted with shots and roots just appearing – I am blaming those squirrels - I started with counting the saplings but after 75 I stopped. I managed to dig out the 8-foot tall sycamore sapling without too much damage to the plants around and found 3 thorn-less blackberries bushes I had assumed had vanished. The task now will be to keep that area weed free until the autumn, replant when we are sure the bind weed is under control.

I was just finishing, on Sunday, when the wind started to pick up and it began to ‘snow’. Well, not real snow but flower heads from my neighbour’s sycamore tree and very quickly the grown became covered with green ‘snow’.

Now that the wind has stopped the bees are all over my garden. However, they are not flying up high but on they are on the ground. The flower heads are very sticky with nectar and pollen and the bees are loving it!

During the Thursday Clap for the NHS has meant that all my neighbours are out on the street and people are talking more and more. So, seed swopping has been taken place up and down the road. I have been able to swop some of my potted-up seedlings with some of the other keen gardeners in my road. I have had quite a lot of success with the seeds but the one vegetable I am very keen on growing, this year, was pumpkins and I have only had a 1/6 success rate with these seeds. I am hoping that this week that one of my neighbours are willing to swop some of my lovely tomatoes and beans for some pumpkins.


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