Fridays Reflections

We are now two weeks into the new term and some of you have got off to a cracking start. While others of you are new and just starting this week. I have slowed down those who started on the 2nd of September for this week to allow you all to go forward, together.

This will make the formation of study buddy groups easier and more fun. Study Buddy groups are where you work with somebody who is at the same level as you. By working with a small group it cuts down the isolation of home schooling for you, you make new friends, you may end up going off to college together which helps you when you cross that threshold - you won't be being it alone.

We hare a number of lovely new Year 7's and a great group of Year 8's. The Year 1 group is quite small as is the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6. However, I am sure that these will grow in time.

Welcome back to all the in schoolers. I have missed you! I hope that you have had a lovely summer off from learning and are ready and able to to put in that extra time in after school to support your learning this year.

I have been asked a number of times this week about - lockdown. Your lessons will simply move on line if you, your family or I have to self isolate for the 2 weeks after the notification. It is simple to do we have polished off the technique since March when the hard lock down started.

Keep up the good work!

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