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Friday Reflections

This week many of you have reached the end of the maths and English units quickly and have gone beyond the set work - well done! a few of you are still struggling with the concept that you need to work on your learning while I am not there. We are working hard together to plan you time and to find a regular slot each day for you to sit down and work on the maths and English needed to be done.

We have 3 whole weeks before half term and we will be doing history this month. Look out for the worksheets coming out with your support materials.

As we come to the end of September, many of you have taken a good hard look at your sleeping particularly after your sleep patterns were disrupted with the lockdown. Keep this up!

We have been monitoring the levels of Covid-19 in both Spelthorne and Runnymede and the cases have come down slightly but we are still in a medium risk area - so we need to keep up our current good behaviour of washing hands, wearing masks when out and about and other giving space. Thank you for everyone who has already down loaded the NHS Track and Trace App. I know some of you, like me, needed to sort out very old phones.


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