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Friday Reflections

Two weeks into the second lockdown and we are making a good dent in to those fractions and verbs. Well done for everyone for putting in the time on both. We will be doing another week of both next week.

This looking forward to the week ahead we have Diwali being celebrated we can all enjoy those light at home ourselves and wish everyone celebrating that we are wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali! May the light of the diyas guide you on the way to happiness and success.

Monday will be the start of Anti Bullying Week which we will be join in with, you will all have now received your pack. Monday is Odd Sock Day - I am expecting to see some interesting feet. I understand that for some of you, that wearing odd sock will not be possible because of the autism. I you can bear to put socks on for a quick photo that will do. if the thought of eve that sends shrives up your spin that is fine - you will have a free pass on this activity.

We will be sparing a though for all those children who have lost somebody and feeling grief on Thursday.

It is Homemade Bread week for the cookery club, I am so looking forward to seeing how you get along with that. Put aside some time on Thursday for a good game of Monopoly. Don't forget your hour of moment as part of your Physical Health. Just because we are in lockdown it does not mean you can slouch at home. When the weather is good get out side and doing!


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