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Friday Reflections

We have restarted this half term well, and with the warmer days and more sunlight we all appear to be slightly more cheerful too!

Those of us who are in school, known here as 'the inschoolers', are started to get their results back and the news is good for all of you who have put in the hours and effort. For some of you - you are now a grade above your predicted grade last time around. Well done!

For the home schoolers, well you can see an end to the grammar and some of you are chumping at the bit to get to the end and are picking off some of the easier units from the coming weeks, ahead of time. That is the way to do home schooling: put in the hours now and free up time later when the weather is ideal for being out and about.

I would like to say that some Study Buddy groups are really effective. The small Reception Study Buddy group have really come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks. The sounding out and blending is really coming along very nicely and it is so lovely that you are working together. The Year 5 group are working hard on those tricky spellings and fractions.

The Year 8 Study Buddy Group have done a fabulous effort on percentages and reading for meaning, this week - keep up the hard work you stars!

Looking ahead we will be celebrating both National Cream Pie Day and Sour Dough bread day in the Orchard Training Cookery Club this coming week. I am practicing hard to get my starter dough going. Somebody, I am not saying who, washed it up by mistake. So, it will be clearly labelled this time around.

We, the Orchard Training Homeschool Garden Club, have officially joined the National Vegetable Society. Who have very kindly donated to us two lovely books and some high quality magazines to help us achieve even better results than last year. The cookery book 'Get started with Cooking with Vegetables' has a wealth of ideas to help us with any gluts this year. If you remember we had to get very inventive with the courgettes last year, in order not to waste them. Looking at the cake and biscuit section I know some of you are going to really enjoy baking these recipes and not letting on which vegetable is going into them.

Have a lovely weekend and be ready to start learning on Monday.

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