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Day 10 of Art-pril

Today's word is Lunch Next Monday, is the day when remember how important we remember eating healthy is and taking a break at lunch time. It is not good for your mental health to eat where you learn or at your desk. It is important to have a mental separation, go out side and have a short walk before returning to learning/work. It is also Good Friday today and many families will be trying to have a traditional meal with Good Friday recipes. Therefore, I want you to to make a piece of art related to your lunch time today - just what did you do or eat? For many cultures meat is band but fish can be eaten, so I am happy to have a picture of a fish if you are stuck. But it better be a great fish - your best effort remember! The Official Rules 1) Check out the word for the day or chose a Spring related word of your own. 2) Make a piece of art using any medium or materials (photography counts) 3) Post it on our site 4) Repeat every day.

5) Visit the Gallery to see all the great art already now on display.

For Safeguarding reasons, please do not add you name to you work of art. Just let us know the name of your art piece.


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