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This month is Black History Month and so this weeks recipes for the Orchard Training Cookery Club feature African and Caribbean delights.

I is great to see so many of you enthusiastic about cooking. We now have a number of our learners like Ben, Thomas, Summer, Sophie, Mary-Jane all willing to become contributes to the recipe bank.

Ben has kindly researched curries for National Curry Week and found healthy recipes from different regions. He will also be looking for recipes for RHS Big Soup Share Week and pasta dishes for National Pasta Day.

RHS Big Soup Share is form the 5th - 11th October. The RHS held the first ever Big Soup Share, back in 2017, to celebrate ten years of the Campaign for School Gardening. Schools were encouraged to make soup from their home-grown veg and share it with members of their community.

Since then, the Big Soup Share has grown and now welcomes community groups, businesses, offices, charities, individuals, you name it! Last year, 3,000 events took place and we’d love you to help us spread the soup even further in 2020.

With Covid 19 this year we can't actually share the soup by sitting down to a Soup Party, this year. So, I am asking each of you to write up your favourite soup recipe for an Orchard Training Big Soup Cook Book. I will be bring around a template for you to use next week. Once you have written up your recipe, give the sheet back tome and I will photocopy of whole sets for everyone who has contributed.

Those of you in the Orchard Training Gardening Club will be looking to use up the very lasts of the harvest from your garden and making soup is a great way of doing this.

I make a lot of soups in batches, portion them out in to individual portions and freezes them hickle-picklely in the freezer so I never know which soup I get at lunch time. It is random and always a surprise and it stops me having the same soup two days in a row. Soup is a great healthy lunch during the later autumn, winter and early spring when days are cold, wet and windy.

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