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Beach Blanket

It was the first day of the summer and it was hot, so the family went to the beach. Georgia wanted to read her book about dragons. As she read it, the day got very hot, she wanted to go for a swim.

The tide was out and her parents could not see her. They heard a scream and wondered who it was. Suddenly they realised Georgia was missing. They ran to the sea looking curiously, but Georgia was nowhere to be seen.

Then she popped up out of the water screaming for help. It was a shark. Somebody appeared form nowhere and stabbed the shark. Then a life boat came and rescued her. She was taken out of the water and rushed to the hospital but it was too late the shark had done a lot of damage to her leg. The surgeon was not able to fix it, so Georgia was offered a plastic leg. When she was better she went back to the beach but refused to go into the water.

The beach was closed at the water’s edge and since the shark attack no swimmers were seen at the beach again.


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