Back to Learning & Back to Your Healthy Routines

Many of us this year worked hard enough to earn the summer holidays off. Even though some of you had originally elected to do just 20 hours a week for 50 weeks, you all started to pull out all the stops at Easter and completed the Maths and English in good time to join your friends in school and spend the holiday with them. Hope you are all ready as the summer winds down and the new learning year starting ready for the challenges ahead.

Now is a great chance to return to those healthy routines. What are you doing well? What could you fix? I have already heard about the poor sleep habits some of you have fallen back in to. Much like making resolutions during New Year’s, September is a good chance to make a fresh start and get back on track with learning and your health.

Revisit Your Healthy Sleeping Routine

A good learning year starts with a good sleep schedule. Try to get that sleep routine back on track by going to bed at the same time every night — and go to bed early enough so that you get enough sleep and feel refreshed when you get up. Establishing a steady sleeping routine boasts a variety of benefits such as a faster metabolism and stronger immune system and will help build the foundation for you to keep the other healthy behaviours going.

Join Us as We Stay Active

Getting some physical activity aim for 1 hours a day. However, if you are out of practice because you spent most of the summer by the pool but not actually in it (I am not saying who) start with just 30 minutes a day. Try to find creative ways to stay active — like joining us on the 5K training we have started this week. Limiting time spent in front of the TV, phone or computer.

Easy, Nutritious Recipes

Take the time to research some healthy recipes that are easy to make — so you can feed yourself guilt-free in between soccer practice, boxing or 5K running. Add your recipes to your evidence folder and share the good ones with us.

Healthy Snacking

Between the holidays and eating out at restaurants, cafes and the burger bar, it can be easy to put on some weight with not eating healthy during the summer. Think about how you can help cook some healthy snacks for your brothers and sister. Make a list of healthy snacks for mum to stock up on so your family can grab them. Fruit, trail mix, and low-sugar yogurt are healthy snacks that are both filling and delicious.

Keep Your Diary Up-to-date

It’s one thing to say you’re going to start doing - but it’s a whole another thing to actually do. Now is the time to buy a new academic diary, one that goes from September to July.

Think of September as a new beginning — an exciting time to try new things, learn new things, eat new things and improve your health, all within your learning hours. Recording it in your diary will help the Educational Officers understand how you spend your time. If they can see a healthy learning routine - they won't force you back in to school.

Remember each week you have to account for either 20 hours for 50 weeks of the year or 25 hours a week for 40 weeks.

Therefore, if you want next the summer holiday off - record your activities and times in your diary.

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