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As You Like It - and we did!

A huge thank you to the person who kindly organised some tickets for a few of us to go to see Shakespeare's 'As You Like It' at the Globe. We took only those really keen on Shakespeare and who were really happy to be in the crowds around the theatre, from past experience it is very busy. It took some time and a bit of a competition to get only two photographs of the Globe without people in the shot.

On the day, we were aware that there were demonstrations in the area so planned to go early to allow for any delays. In the end we need not have worried. We had some time on our hands, so to avoid staying around the crowds and the heat of the afternoon we popped into the Tate Gallery. To be honest, we all struggled with some of the art we saw, and so our mission became to find a piece of art we could relate to. I have included an only piece of art we all agreed upon. What we liked about this was - it represented something we thought we understood (the ISS which some of are very interested in) and the shadows on the wall beneath it was very attractive.

Inside the Globe there is a no photography rule - which we respected.

We really loved the play and was very impressed by the fact that it was very inclusive with men and women playing parts they were best for rather than the gender of the role. There was also some deaf actors and part of the play was in sign, the action adapted so the actors words were passed on or translated to other characters and the audience as a natural part of the play. Good job - done well! Bravo to everyone involved!

On the way home we were treated to London in its night time glory.


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