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2020 Fishing Trip

We had our fishing day on the only good day of the half term. The weather held until mid-afternoon. We had 10 learners fishing, a mixed group of girls and boys from Y6 to Y13, and enjoyed a wonderful time despite Covid-19 Regulation and social distances.

Although we did not catch very much, two small fish did eventually were hooked.

It is much to the credit of one of our Y11 learners who baited up the area and shared both fishing tips, bait and equipment. We are really thankful for a very enthusiastic dad who came along and also lent out his equipment.

For me, one of the bests bits whilst waiting for the fish to bite is all the wild life one can spot.

One of the girls, declared that although they had a nice day, that fishing was not for her. Otherwise, it was very enjoyable.


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