Day 30 of Art-pril

Tomorrow is the last day of Art-pril and the word is "Scampering." We have one drawing for the word that of a pet rat scampering across the floor. I think they have caught the movement so well. This is not easy to do!

The other two are from the opposite ends of our learners age groups. The first is by an absolutely lovely 2 year old who climbed up on to my lap to take part in her brother's painting session. This is her first ever painting.

The second is from our oldest dyslexic learner, who at the age of 78 this year has finally learnt to read. He has painted a African Spring, with the sun coming up behind the tree in oils.

These are a lovely end to our month long Art-pril event.

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has taken part in our event and made such lovely art. We will of course publish any art that comes in next week. In the meantime, keep enjoying doing art and we will see all your artists showing off your talents next year.

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