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It Official – it’s a Snow Day!

We have had 5 inches of snow on my hill overnight. However, that is not such an issue as what is below the snow. It was between -3 and -6 yesterday evening and the intermittent snow during the Tuesday had frozen making the roads very icy. On the flat we can cope, nevertheless the hill, by the nature of being a hill - is not all flat and this hill is steep. The Council does not grit the roads here but they do leave grit dumps all year round and at the most dangerous spots on the hill. It is down to the residents to shovel it across the roads. You will see from the photographs this has already started to be done.

We have a good community here, on days like this, the neighbours with 4 x 4 drives go first - testing out the steep bits. As I watched them struggle to stay on course down all three possible roads, I decided to declared a snow day! I would rather go down my hill on a sledge than slide uncontrollable with my car into a neighbour’s wall or car.

Coming back up the hill – well that is another matter altogether!

Although, I may be grounded that doesn’t mean the learning will stop, those of you who have Skype will still have lessons, those who get their resources via email will still have work to do and there is always the phone. The internet is working so you can all work on you Mathematics and English easily.

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