We only went for a walk and . . .!

February’s walk was in splendid blue skies, golden sunlight and deep shadows. We walked the lake the opposite way around. We were very distracted by taking photographs and so we did not walk fast enough to raise our heart beat so we can’t really count this towards P.E. unless you are counting walking any distance as your goal and we managed 4.8 miles (just under the 10,000 steps) in that case.

Sadly, we also didn’t need to rescue any dogs, so we can’t count that as part of PSHE this month. We did see 67 different dogs on the way around, thank you for those of you who took the count. We will keep a count each month for maths.

As we walked, you were holding some very interesting conversations where you listened to each other’s ideas about what to take photographs of, the best way how to take the picture and how to present them. About three quarters of the way around we noticed the numbered fishing spot markers. Interestingly, one of us will be only taking photographs from these points to make anglers view of the lake as their theme. All of this goes towards the Art curriculum. See you all in March.

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