We only went for a walk and . . . !

A big thank you to all those who turned out this morning. It was looking like we might have to cancel but the weather held for us. However, you can see from the photographs it was damp. We walked around the lake today, just to stretch our legs and for friendship. Nevertheless, we can count this as P.E. as we did raise our heart beat for most of the 4.5 miles, as we marched the longer, straighter and flatter bits. Over the next week, if we plot out our route using the photographs we took on to the map to show where we walked that will go towards geography. If we use those same photographs to make a montage either physically or electronically, this will go towards Art. I really liked the propositions that we take photographs throughout the year of our visits to Virginia Water, we could make a really nice piece of art either collectively or individually. I, commend the suggestion that on one of next visits we take a tally chart to record all the breeds of dogs and use this to make mathematical charts and science project. It will also count towards our speaking and listening in English.

However, for today if we write up in our diary approximately 500 on today’s events we will cover ‘Recounts’ nicely and we have something to write about too! We only went for a walk and we embraced the PSHE curriculum fully with our two good deeds. Reuniting, the very wet and cold brown dog who had braved a swim - only come out on the wrong bank and was not sure how to get back to his owner. See the photograph I took of him, howling out his rescue message to the Totom Pole. Then helping the second elderly dog owner when his oldest dog got stuck between two fallen trees and was not able to jump out independently by herself. (I did do my fact checking and yes, the oldest dog did win the world championship in 2008- we saved a famous star!)

If you take up the owner’s suggestion and research the role of the Belgium Shephard during the World Wars you can put down history as well. It is well worth the effort to look this up, you will be surprised and impressed by these dogs.

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