Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Once upon a time, there was a young lad who loved his football. Every Saturday morning, he went to watch his favourite football team. One Saturday, it was his birthday and so he Dad bought for him a football pie, fizzy drink and some chips. While he was watching, his team scored a goal and he did a victory dance. Then just before the last minute his team scored again. He was very happy and he did a back flip. With all the food he had eaten he felt very sick.

That afternoon his Dad took him to Thorpe Park and he went on the rollercoaster. He started to feel very unwell. The rollercoaster suddenly stopped with him upside down. He had to wait for the park team to rescue him. Being upside made him feel very queasy. Suddenly, he was sick all over a boy walking under the ride. The boy was very unhappy and shouted at him. Finally, the ride was fixed and he was able to get off. He looked around and could not see the angry boy. Just then a bird flew over and left him something on his shoulder. “disgusting!”. He went home to change his clothes and shower.

When he arrived at the block of flats where he lived he found the lift was out of order and he had to walk up every step to the 13th floor, where he lived. Sadly, he found there was no hot water left and he had to have a cold shower.

When he got out he found mum had made him his favourite for a birthday tea football pie, fizzy drink and some chips. He didn’t really want to eat it, given what had happened to him earlier in the day. He didn’t want to hurt his mum’s feelings and ate it with a smile and when she offered him seconds he said yes!

He looked out of the window the wind was blowing the flags around a lot. He really wanted the wind to stop because there was going to be a mid-night light festival, which Dad said he could take part in as a birthday treat. Eventually, he saw the wind died down, which meant the festival would go ahead. He rushed down all the stairs in his block two at a time, but slipped just at the bottom and hurt himself badly on the bottom.

He made it just in time to get on the float, where he waved his light stick around. The vibrations of the truck started to stir up the football pie, fizzy drink and some chips in his tummy. Then they had to dance and jump about on the back of the truck. He managed to hold on to it as they went along the road. He felt that he could not enjoy the ride as they went through the crowds collecting the pennies. Suddenly he was sick all over some children.

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