The Stormy Night

One day a boy was sleeping he was woken up by lighting which made him very worried. He was looking everywhere for danger. His house was on fire, he could see the smoke under the door. He had to escape in to the desert way form the flames. He saw a whip on the sand and he picked it up it was really a magic wand. It turned, as he was holding it, in to a Viking helmet, then into a key hole - he was confused. Suddenly, the key lock turned into an egg, then a ball and finally in to a wriggle squid. It started to rain and the flames in the house went out. He went back to bed, but suddenly his bed fell in to a pit of snapping turtles. He grabbed a camera and started to taking photographs of the turtles, who didn’t want their photo taken and turned into skeletons. An invitation fluttered down from the sky to invite him to live on a new world. As he picked up the invitation he was transported to a door. He rang the bell but it was not working. He called out. He was answered by a friendly person who looked his name up in the register to see if he could come in. He played ball games for the rest of his life in the new world. Suddenly, he woke up when a flash of lighting lit up his bedroom.

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