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Grow With IT

We are taking part in the RHS Grow With It 2024. We have been slow it posting all about it - it has been very busy! The focus for this year is water usage, and we are learning how we can use water, in the Orchard Training Homeschool Garden, wisely.

We are hoping to learn how to we can successfully garden with the changing climate. Last year, we lost plants to the very cold ice snap, then the weird and wonderful spring followed by the intense heat. We were forced to take a vote, once the water butts were empty. The vote meant we all agreed to let the garden either survive or die and we would look at the holes made the plants that didn’t make it, after the heat was over. However, if you are following our 'What Is Feeding Our Pollinators' posts you will see lots did survive, and now we have some drought tolarent plants to fill those gaps!

I have to say our homeschool learners take their roles very seriously and it was hard not to sneak out and water with a hose pipe after the vote was taken.


Here is what was sent to us back in April, and we have been sowing the seeds in our lessons and we look forward to reporting the results.

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