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Learners Feel More Confident and Go On To Learn  Independently

Our Learners Feel More Confidence Going On To Learn Independently

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Why Choose a Peripatetic Teacher? 

There are many reasons why you might choose a peripatetic teacher. Your child may be outside of mainstream education for a number of reasons. Alternatively they may be in school but experiencing difficulties keeping up, understanding a specific subject for example fractions or they have a learning need that is not being met. 

Individual personal teaching can help strengthen subject comprehension, boost confidence, and build important learning skills.

Individualised, Customised Learning 

Orchard Training is a simple but effective peripatetic teaching service, offering so much more than a tutoring agency. Having an individual qualified teacher who knows and understands the learner's issues means that the learner can concentrate on what needs to be learnt.

This helps to give individualised attention that they may not be getting in a crowded classroom. Having a personalised learning plan can help learners take responsibility for their own learning and become involved and committed to their own learning. We

  • discuss different learning styles, so the learner can learn in their most effective way

  • can work out a schedule perfectly tailored to individual needs and availability

Benefits of A Peripatetic Teacher

  • Individual support can help develop study and learning skills that will help set up the learner for success for his or her entire life. 

  • The learner will receive an individualised learning experience he or she can’t always get in a classroom setting. We can customize the lessons and activities just for the individual.   

  • We get to know the learner's individual learning style and can adapt teaching methods accordingly. 

  • We will  work with the learner on specific problem areas. The learner's grades and understanding of the subject will significantly improve.  

  • Learning will become fun through targeted games and activities for the learners. With constant encouragement and praise, the learner will no longer feel overwhelmed or frustrated.

  • With support, the learner will learn to take the initiative their own learning. They will learn how to control the learning pace, leading to self-esteem and confidence, by providing them with the resources and skills he or she needs to learn well.

  • The learner will learn to work and study using skills they will use for life. 

  • We  will specifically target whichever aspect of learning the learner is having troubles with, including confidence. Individual support will open up the opportunity to be comfortable asking questions, big or small, without feeling self-conscious.

Learn to Read

Unconventional Teacher Supports Learning Skills

I have being working in education for nearly 30 years, my experience covers Early Years, Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Youth (12 to 18) club and adult learning (post 18).


Although I have had a lot of classroom practice I now work with home schooled learners, learners within the Traveler communities, dyslexic learners, autistic learners, adult learners with Mental Health issues and adults taking NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 for English, Maths and ICT.


My main starting point is recovering that "I can learn" confident feeling, that many learners appear to have lost before we work on just what they want to learn.

Orchard Training Works In The Following Towns

  • Chertsey

  • Addlestone

  • Rowtown

  • New Haw

  • West Byfleet

  • Byfleet

  • Weybridge

  • Walton-upon-Thames

  • Shepperton

  • Laleham

  • Staines

  • Egham

  • Englefield Green

  • Lyne

The rest of the world by Skype.


If you live further afield than my surrounding towns please consider a Virtual session.


We have a number of learners in the USA, Portugal, France and Iran who we successfully Skype with. 

Reason To Book A Test Session

What Is The Best Age To Start Learning?

The ability to read is the gateway to succeeding in all academic subjects, if a pupil excels at numeracy, but is unable to read the question, he or she will not be able to achieve his/her full potential.

For young children, the first steps in reading can be started by familiarising the child with the phonic sounds of letters.

This then leads to recognition of simple, phonetically correct words such as cat, hat, mat. By using this system alongside teaching "tricky words."

However, in the UK starting too young in school may be sending out the message to children who are not ready to read that they can't read before they have even got started.  

If that is happening to your child why not book an appointment for support!

Anxiety Caused By The 'Keen New' Brain Body Guard

For some of us social situations cause us a lot of anxiety and learning in school causes extreme anxiety.


Everyday there is the sensation of worried! 


Understanding that some of us have a 'keen new' brain body guard in our head who is constantly urgently monitoring all the surveillance screens looking for potential threats.


This over zealous brain body guard is trigging off all the adrenalin which tells us to be on guard for threats even when there aren't any.


How do we retrain that body guard so we can settle down, feel safe in our learning environment and learn takes skills. 

Book a sample session to find out how to train up that brain body guard to relax a little?

What They Say

Nicola is an absolutely brilliant tutor. My son has improved with his English and maths so much.


He looks forward to every lesson and learning is fun for him. He finds it much easier to understand now with the extra help.

Gemma D Laleham

We have been thrilled to find Nicola and get a weekly session with her. She is an absolute gem of a tutor who has a nurturing and caring way about her which is helping build my sons confidence and self esteem with his maths. Her professionalism, sunny disposition and way of teaching is so engaging. We highly recommend Nicola and a huge thank you from us, we are never letting you go!! 

Julie W Woking

We have been thrilled to find Nicola. Thank you so much Nicola - you did a great job helping my 14 year old boy improve his maths but more importantly feel more confident about his own ability. The sessions he has had have been fantastic preparation for his up coming exams and I know you put in a great deal of effort to meet his individual needs. A big thank you from both of us!

Kate A Weybridge

Nicola is an absolutely brilliant tutor.Nicola makes learning fun. She thinks outside the box and her teaching is never boring. During the lesson she is very patient and accommodating, giving lots of encouragement. Always professional. Extremely friendly and through her teaching her wealth of experience shines through. She is very caring and thoughtful and looks after her students like they are her second family. We feel very fortunate to have had Nicola in our lives teaching our child. We thoroughly recommend her.

Lisa F Old Windsor


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