Garden Club - Seeds and Blossom

The lovely weather over the Easter Holidays has meant all the fruit trees have come in to flower. The air is filled with sent, fat bumbles bees buzzing around and butterflies. I think they are Red Admirals, but they are not stopping still long enough for me to identify them.

I think the squirrels are finally getting the message that the garden belongs to me and they really should stay out. I don't want to be mean to the squirrels but last year when I wasn't able to get in to the garden they had free range and the strawberries, cherries, apples and pears were simple eaten on the plant or tree. They would bite in to the fruit, to see if it was ripe and leave their teeth and bite marks there. The wasps would then come along and feast away and we got very little of the fruit.

Whilst I am weeding, all I can hear is bird song which is really lovely, there is no more M25 drone in the background. We are now being visited by by the smaller birds, like the robins and the blue tits more often. Yesterday, in the early evening there was a huge fight between the magpies and jackdaws. It started with one magpie checking out the bird food station, then two jackdaws showed up and intimidated the magpie out of my garden in to the apple tree next door. Two more magpies turned up in the apple tree and they used their numbers to drive the jackdaws out. There was a lot of back and forth and body contract. The magpies checked out the food situation but because of the new feeders they were unable to get any and so flew off.

The seeds have finally arrived. I have started potting up some of the seeds in my recycled seed trays, saved in the shed. I have some left overs excess so I am looking to swop any if you have something different. Let me know if you want to swop and I will let you know what I have to swop.

I have heard that one of your granddads has thrown down the challenge of Tallest Sunflower and a number of you have taken up the challenge. The prize, I hear, is some good quality ice-cream - well count me in! I have a packet of sunflower seeds and they are now on the hot windowsill for germination.

I have also been hearing for you about how you have been spending the Easter weekend in the garden. I am really pleased to hear about the dens, the camps outs, the picnics and barbecues out in the garden - that is what the garden club is all about! The insect hotels are looking great!

I understand one family have even set up the paddling pool! Well as it is out, how about doing some science. Check out what floats and what sinks! But do ask if you can use any items belonging to anyone else and anything that is electronic and needs charging up should absolute not put in the water - OK!

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