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End Of Our Learning Year

Well done everyone! We have had a outstanding year! You all put in the time over the winter when the weather was cold, wet and not very inviting - which means now the weather has been better (Monday and Tuesday not included) you have been able to go out and about, when opportunities have come up.

This week has been end of year assessments and many of you have made very good progress this year. We are seeing as the norm from over 1 year to 2 years progress in most and some of you have even made 3 years progress. I am so proud of you! Well done!

I want to heap a load of praise on one group in particular, our English students who when working on persuasive writing communicated with our local water company who was struggling to get a positive message out during the first two rounds of lockdowns. They came up with some great suggestion and we have watched with enormous pride as their ideas have been incorporated in the latest round of social media from the water company.

Another group are the young ladies who came together to sew the quilt for their Study Buddy who had a major operation during the Easter Break. They designed a panel each based on what they knew she liked and then made it.

There one or two of you that still need to finish the assessments before you start your official summer holidays. There are some outstanding IT homework projects to be handed in - I will be chasing it. Keep at it and get it done!

The statistics are in and we have done over 900 hours of Maths and English since last September. We have answered over 160,000 questions and completed over 6 thousand units all together.

In the meantime, please stay safe in the sun, remember to Slip, Slap, Slop - slip in to a t-shirt that covers your shoulders and arms, slap on a hat that gives your eyes some shade in the bright sunshine and slop on that factor 50 suncream.

Be safe in any water environment you visit. There have been a number of deaths of young people swimming in open water to cool off in the excessive heat. Swimming pools and places with organised open water swimming have life guards, so are safe to swim in. Please do not go off swimming without telling anyone where you will be. Remember to walk not run near the edge of water. Ask for permission to enter the water from an adult at busy sites or at the seaside, so they know to watch over you. Get in to the water feet first. Stay in designated swimming areas. Get out when you feel tired. Have fun, but don't cross the line being silly and dangerous to yourself and others.

We finish today (Friday) and have 6 full weeks off over the summer. We will be back to learning on Monday 5th September.


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