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The Big Thaw

Well what a change! This morning, the snow was so deep on my road I could not see the kerbstones. However, the snowing had finished and the wind had dropped and if felt much warmer.

Out in my garden there was a set of tracks. Unlike my silly snow quiz where I saw who had left the tracks, these were made over night. Who made these tracks? They come in to my garden via some rather large holes under the fence left to allow hedgehogs to move around the area. I think a hedgehog would make more of a shuffling track. Since the prints start at the fence if think it rules out squirrels, who would use the top of the fences and jump to the lower branches and fences to get down. I think this might be something else – what do you think?

By mid-morning, it was possible to walk off my hill safely, which is just what I did. Down at the bottom a friend picked me up and we went off to Virginia Water. Parts of the park are closed for the filming, so we walked along a different route. We did get to one of the camera points we visited last week. We also found a rather nice snowman.

Mid-afternoon and the snow is almost gone. I walked back up the hill with hardly any snow on the road and the pavements. What a relief!

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