This project will focus on how as a homeschooler you can enjoy fresh water fishing in the UK. You will learn:

DT: wire sculptures 

History: of the race course

RE: How different tradition view gambling 

DT: design your own sandwhich or scone to serve in the Royal Enclosure 

Maths: Proberbility of outcomes 

Geography. Where from and how horses travel to take part in Ascot. 

Science: some horse related science



Ascot Racecourse (Suitable 12,13 and 14 year olds) Y7, Y8 and Y9

  • This project ws prepared by a qualifed teacher. This project should take 20 to 25 hours to complete all the activites. It can be either printed off and written on as evidence  for the Education Welfare Officer or typed into directly. 


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